Find out the best ways to track your ovulation. Whether you’re trying for a family or not, our insights will help you better understand your body.

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Founded by a doctor, Antenate provides supplemental information to your period, including blood color, collection methods, period pain, PMS, and more.


Health & Hygiene

Be familiar with your body's normal symptoms so that you can recognize abnormal ones. By tracking weight changes, discharge, bloating, mood swings and sleep patterns, for example, you might be able to spot health problems early on.

Health & Hygiene


Use a fertility monitor to track your bodily functions and identify when you're most likely to conceive. Ask about family planning methods, such as the pill, IUDs, condoms, or sterilization. Be in charge of your body whether you're trying to conceive or avoiding it!


Track your health
beyond periods.

Comprehensive fertility profile

When you take one of our fertility tests, we will review your results against clinical guidelines—by a gynaecologist—and send the results to your personal dashboard in just a few days

Learn about fertility

We can track your ovulation/fertility when we launch our app


You will get a closed anonymous community where users can share their thoughts and get together with like-minded people

With the Antenate mobile app,
you get

Personalized reports

Personalized reports

Your reports explain how your hormones relate to various aspects of fertility and aging, including ovarian reserve, egg freezing, IVF, and menopause.

Easy access to  your doctor

Easy access to your doctor

Download your levels to start a conversation with your doctor about what your numbers mean.



Get on our online platform — it's always there for you.

We’ll take good care of you

We’ll take good care of you

Dr. Shesha Sinha, MBBS

Gynecologist And Fertility Specialist

Reviewed by an expert

All reports are reviewed by our resident expert with years of experience


Ordered and reviewed by a physician

Your fertility hormone panel is approved by a certified gynaecologist.

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